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Medication PocketCards in NEW Accordion Style

Now get all 4 of our medication Pocketcards in a new accordion style format with 4 Insulin medications on one side and 4 Oral medications on the other side. Available to ship beginning of November.  Purchase them in our store.

Get your set of accordion pocketcards today - Complete set includes each of the following cards:

  • Insulin Pocket Card
    • Front side: current insulins, including action times and dosing information
    • Back side: concentrated insulins with important teaching tips
  • Injectables that Lower BG, Injectable/Insulin Combo and Inhaled Insulin
    • Front side: Listing of injectables with dosing and side effects info
    • Back side: Injectable/Insulin Combinations and Inhaled Insulin
  • Oral Diabetes Medications – Complete listing of oral medications including dosing range and considerations.
  • Combo Oral Medications –  Complete listing of all the combined oral medications including doses available

This new format will provide you and your staff easy access to all 4 cards at once!