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Discounts (Group & Earned)

Group Discounts

Group Discounts for Live Seminars are announced as they are available and are subject to discount deadlines. If you've purchased outside of the discount start and end date, you will not be able to take advantage of the discount. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on all promotions.

Group Discounts for Diabetes Ed Online University Online Courses are as follows:

  • 2 - 9 students: 15% discount

  • 10 plus students: 20% discount

Online Course Bundles

Retail Price

15% Discount

20% Discount

Level 1 - Diabetes Fundamentals




Level 2 - Beyond Fundamentals




Level 3 - CDE Boot Camp




Level 4 - Advanced Level Courses




CDE Prep Bundle 




1 Year Subscription 




Group discount on individual courses do not apply at this time.


How does it work?

Call us at (530) 893-8635 or email us at to let us know the size of your group and get started.

We can set the discount pricing up in two different ways:

  • Individuals in your group pay discounted rate when registering  - we provide your group of students a customized coupon code so they can sign-up at the discounted rate and view the course(s) at their convenience, access handouts and resources, take a short quiz and survey, then print out a certificate with CE Credit. 


  • Your company can purchase an access code for a group of students ahead of time. We then provide the customized access code, so students can sign-up at no charge, view the course(s) at their convenience, access handouts and resources, take a short quiz and survey, and print out a certificate with CE Credit.  


Earned Discounts

By filling out a short 8-question survey about our CDE® Coach App you could earn a $50 off discount to any of our Live Seminars, or $10 off select books!

Please be sure to download our app if you haven't already and try it out before you submit your feedback.


  • Every question must be completed, including examples or details
  • N/A and "none" do not qualify as answers
  • Must include your name for verification purposes at the end of the survey
  • Email for your discount code and which product you are planning to use it on

See our Live Seminars page to see which ones you could get $50 off on by completing the survey.

Eligible Books: