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Medication PocketCards

These PocketCards are awesome!

Emily Gibbons- “My coworker just ordered a bunch of these cards for the physicians we work with in the hospital. They are awesome. You guys are the best! I will continue to give you business.”

The medication PocketCards were designed by Coach Beverly Thomassian to assist in the clinical practice and exam preparation for Diabetes Educators. Popular with many of our students and their colleagues, the PocketCard is perfect for the educator on the go.

Our four-sided  medication Pocketcards are in accordion style format for your convenience. Once side lists the insulin and injectable medications and the other side lists oral medications.

To preview the medication PocketCards:

PocketCard Subscription- purchase an annual license to post our PocketCards on your organization's website for easy access and immediate download.
The NEW and UPDATED 2018 PocketCard is now available!